How to care for your Gold-in-Glass jewellery:
The visible Gold-in-Glass surface of your jewellery is absolutly stable and will never change its look.
You only have a slight risk of breaking, if it falls unfortunate or bangs against something hard.
The coating of the closures on the back does not last forever.
Although the closures are coated with gold or silver, they will darken after some time from either acid sweat, soap, perfume, or simply being worn.
To recover a clean surface, clean the closure by gently rubbing it with a silver cleaner. A brass or silver coloured closure will be the result.
All our closures are nickel free (anti-allergenic) metal with gold or silver coating, unless specified differently.
Therefore our jewellery is perfect for most persons with allergies.
Repair work:
In case of an "accident" you can repair your jewellery by yourself with a good 2 component glue like Araldit.
To do so, you need to clean both surfaces with surgical spirit.
Mix you glue carefully (exactly the same amount of both) and than apply a thin layer on each part.
Press it together and let it dry over night.
Fresh glue can be removed with cloth and dry glue with a rasor blade.