Closures and Information
All our closures are nickel free (anti-allergenic) metal with pure gold or silver coating, unless specified differently. Therefore our jewellery is perfect for most persons with allergies.
How to care for your Gold-in-Glass jewellery:
Pendant closures
(inside opening size)
large square 9x3 mm
medium square 6x2 mm
long 7x4 mm
small 3x2 mm
Stud earrings in 3 sizes:
glue points: 4, 6 or 9-10 mm
Cuff bracelets:
Our cuff bracelts are flexible and can be adapted to your arm.
You can order them in silver or in antiallergenic metal with a gold coating.
brooch and pendant in one,
R6PB, and 2 brooch closures:
Ear clips in 3 sizes:
large 14 mm,
medium 12 mm (our standard)
You can wear some larger models of the T-Triangle,
R-Square and M-Moon collections horizontally or vertically by pulling the chain through only one or two closures.
You can wear them as either pendant or brooch.
To order this variation, add B to the product number. R6P+B
glue point (standart)
double ring
Our rings are flexible and can be adapted to any finger size.
The glue point model is our standart ring.
The double ring is only used with very small pieces, where you can see a part of the ring.
Adjust a ring to your finger carefully only once.
Frequent adjustment is not advised.