Glassframe - Collection: especially designed for men
We can modify models of our other collections for men. Please contact us, if you wish a special design.
pendant 3 cm, G3MP
recommended for men
button pins, 2 cm, S2MB
different designs on order
glassframe pendant 2 cm, G2P
glassframe pendant 4 cm, G4P
cufflinks 2 cm, G2MC
sterling silver closures
neck tie clip or brooch
1.5 x 4.4 cm, G4MN
adjustable ring 1.5 cm, G15R
adjustable ring 2 cm, G2R
neck tie pins or brooches,
2 cm, G2MP; 1.5 cm, G15MP
neck tie clip or brooch
clip system
stud earrings 1.1 cm, G1ES;
1.5 cm, G15ES; 2 cm, G2ES
cuff bracelet 4 cm, G4A
adjustable to every arm