MatriGold - 24 Karats
Gold-in-Glass jewellery               German Version
Every single piece of jewellery is made by hand, giving it its unique charm.
The international artist Birgitta Volz designs all our models.
Pure gold leaves (24 karat) are fused in between glass forms in a vacuum process.
After the fusion every piece is ground individually and reheated for the moulding.
Thanks to this unique process we are able to offer pure gold jewellery for a moderate price.
Sun - Collection: Bracelet 4 cm, S4A
Silver-in-Glass Jewellery
Sun - Collection: Necklace SN5, Ring S2R, Stud Earrings S3ES
You can order some of our products in the Auroville Online Shop.
If you do not find your favorite model there, you can contact us directly.
Transport takes a minimum of 23 weeks from India,
or a couple of days within India (by speedpost or courrier).
We usually send small quantities within three workdays
by registered airmail, after payment has been credited to our account.
If a piece arrives damaged or different to the product description, we will try to find a satisfactory solution.
If your selection is not on stock, production will take 1 or
2 months.
Because each single piece of jewellery is made by hand, it can differ slightly with its gold foil structure, its size, shape, curve and its fire finishing.
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