M - Moon Collection (round curve)
moon pendant 2 cm, M2P
moon pendant 3 cm, M3P
moon pendant 4 cm, M4P
moon pendant 5 cm, M5P
our larger moons have 2 closures and can be worn horizontal or vertical
Moon Collection in Silver
Sun and Moon Necklaces
moon adjustable ring 2 cm, M2R
moon adjustable ring 3 cm, M3R
moon pendant 5 cm, M5P
moon pendant 8 cm, M8P
moon cuff bracelet 5 cm, M5A
moon stud earrings 2 cm, M2ES
moon stud earrings 3 cm, M3ES
moon earclips 3 cm, M3EC
moon necklace MN5, 43 cm
made of moons in 2, 3 and 4 cm
sun+moon necklace SMN3, 42 cm
made of 2 moons and 1 sun in 2 cm