M - Silver Crescent Moon Collection (round curve)
moon pendant 4 cm, M4Psi
moon pendant 3 cm, M3Psi
moon pendant 2 cm, M2Psi
moon pendant 5 cm, M5Psi
moon pendant 8 cm, M8Psi
Moon Collection in Gold
Sun and Moon Necklaces
moon stud earrings 2 cm, M2ESsi
moon stud earrings 3 cm, M3ESsi
in 3 cm available as clips M3ECsi
moon cuff bracelet 5 cm, M5Asi
with flexible stirling silver closure
which can be adapted to every arm
silver crescent moon necklace, 43 cm
made of moons in 2, 3 and 4 cm
moon hairclip 8x3.6 cm, M8Hsi
moon necklace SN3gysi, 43 cm
4 moons and 1 sun in 3 cm,
gold, yellow glass on silver, silver