O - Oval Collection (round curve)
oval pendant 1.7 cm, O2P
oval pendant 2.7 cm, O3P
oval pendant 4 cm, O4P
oval pendant 5 cm, O5P
oval pendant 7 cm, O7P
oval adjustable ring 2 cm, O2R
oval adjustable ring 3 cm, O3R
oval cuff bracelet 5 cm, O5A
oval necklace, ON7hq
made of ovals in 2, 3 and 4 cm
oval stud earrings 2 cm, O2ES
or hanging earrings, O2EH
hanging earrings, O3EH
stud earrings, O3ES or clips, O3EC
oval upper arm bracelet, O54A
Stirling silver closure 33 cm, 24 g
O 4 (and larger) pendants have 2 closures and can be used horizontally or vertically.
The O Collection has slight variations in size and they are slightly smaller than the size which is indicated by the product number.
Oval Collection in Silver
Oval Necklaces