Silver-in-Glass Jewellery:
Our silver or white gold-in-glass piece will never change colour, as the foil is safely embedded in a glass vacuum.
Sun - Collection: Silver Pendant 3 cm (S3Psi),
with a smooth surface and linear structures
Our silver interior comes in 2 different versions:
It is eather quite grainy (lower picture) or
it is smooth with unpedictable linear structures, which make the pieces unique (picture above).
Diamond Shape - Collection: Silver Pendant 2 cm (D2Psi)
with a grainy silver structure
Sun Collection in Silver
Moon Collection in Silver
Quarter Circle Collection in Silver
Square Collection in Silver
Diamond Shape Collection in Silver
White Gold-in-Glass Jewellery:
The white gold jewels have a 24 carat gold inlet, which is sandwiched with a sterling silver leaf.
Sun - Collection: White Gold Pendant, 4 cm (S4Pgsi),
with a warm silverish shine
They have a light grainy gold structure and a warm silver shine.
They can vary in their colour shade from a warm silver tone to light yellow.
Quarter Circle - Collection: Combined Necklace (QN2y)
Left: White gold, middle: Gold, right: White gold (yellowish)
Sun Collection in white Gold