R - Square Collection (round curve)
Square pendants that are bigger than 4 cm have 2 closures. You can wear them as squares or pointing up.
square pendant 2.1 cm, R2P
square pendant 2.7 cm, R3P
square pendant 4 cm, R4Pq
square pendant 5 cm, R5P
square or pointing up
square pendant + brooch 7 cm, R7PB
square adjustable ring 2.1 cm, R2R
square adjustable ring 2.1 cm, R2Rq
square adjustable ring 2.7 cm, R3R
Square Collection in Silver
Square Necklaces
square stud earrings 1.5, 2.1 and 2.7 cm, R15Es, R2ES, R3ES
square stud earrings 2.7 cm, R3ES
R2EC, R3EC are available as clips
square necklace, RN5
made of squares 1.5, 2.1 and 3 cm
square cuff bracelet, R4A