Sun - Collection                                     Sun Collection in Silver
Sun Collection in white Gold                Moon and Sun Necklaces
Sun necklace, SN5, earrings 3 cm, S3ES, ring 2 cm, S2R
Sun necklace, SN72
7 suns in 2 cm
Sun upper arm bracelet, S34A
flexible silver bracelet
Sun pendant 2 cm, S2P
Sun pendant 5 cm
Sun stud earrings 3 cm
Small Sun necklace, SN3s
3 Suns in 2 cm in gold and white gold in different shades
Sun necklace SN5, 45 cm
made of suns in 2, 3 and 4 cm
Sun stud earrings 2 cm, S2ES
Sun cuff bracelet 4 cm, S4A
Sun pendant 3 cm, S3P
Sun pendant 5.5 cm, S5P
Sun necklace SN7, 45 cm
made of suns in 2 and 3 cm
Sun adjustable ring 2 cm, S2R
Sun adjustable ring 3 cm, S3R
Sun hanging earrings, S2EH
Sun pendant 4 cm, S4P
Combined Sun earrings
S2EHgsi + S3EH
Sun stud earrings 3 cm, S3ES
Sun hanging earrings 3 cm, S3EH
Sun necklace SN3y, 43 cm, 3 suns in gold, yellow and silver
Sun pendant 8.5 cm, S8P
Sun pendant 7 cm, S7P
Sun stud earrings 1,3 cm, S1ES