Sun - Collection: White Gold in Glass
The white gold jewels have a 24 carat gold inlet, which is covered from each side by a sterlingsilver leaf.
They have a light grainy gold structure and a warm silver shine. They can vary in their colour shade from a warm silver tone to light yellow.
Sun necklace SN5gsi, hanging earrings S3EHgsi, ring S2Rgsi, cuff bracelet S4Agsi
Upper arm bracelet S34Agsi, silver bracelet (approx. 24 g) with Suns in 3 and 4 cm
Sun pendant 2 cm, S2Pgsi
Sun necklace SN72gsi
made of 6 suns in white gold and 1 sun in gold (2 cm each)
Sun necklace SN5gsi, 45 cm
made of suns in 2, 3 and 4 cm
Sun cuff bracelet S4Agsi
flexible silver bracelet (approx. 14 g) with one Sun in 4 cm
White Gold Sun pendant 3 cm, S3Pgsi combined with S4P
Sun pendant 7 cm, S7Pgsi
single piece with a strong curve, which looks best on a stronger lady
big pendants are also awailable with a gentle curve in 7 and 8,5 cm (like SMN8gsi)
Sun adjustable ring 2 cm, S2Rgsi
Sun adjustable ring 3 cm, S3Rgsi
White Gold Sun pendant 4 cm, S4Pgsi
Sun and Moon necklace SMN8gsi, (8.5 and 2 cm) and hanging earrings S3EHgsi
Sun hanging earrings 3 cm, S3EHgsi
Sun necklace SN7g+gsi, made of 4 Suns in white gold (2 cm) and 3 suns in gold (3 cm)
Sun pendant 5,5 cm, S5Pgsi
and hanging earrings S3EHgsi
Sun hanging earrings 2 cm, S2EHgsi