Gold-in-Glass Symbols                 Silver-in-Glass Symbols                 Single Pieces
Most of the symbols are available in 2, 3 and 4 cm.                   We make them on order in different sizes and on different pendant shapes.
As they are completly made by hand, they might be looking sligthly different than on these pictures.
Mother Symbol
3 cm (S3Pm m)
Flower of Life
5.5 cm (S5Pf)
Om Symbol
3 cm (S3Pom m)
Heart straight
3 cm (S3Phs g)
Seed of Life
3 cm (S3Pse)
Sri Aurobindo Symbol
3 cm (S3Pa g)
3 cm (S4Pg)
4 cm (S4Pp g)
4 cm (S4Psp)
Sikh Khanda
3 cm (S3Pk g)
Auroville Symbol
3 cm (S3Pav)
Yin Yang
3 cm (S3Pyin)
Heart curvy
3 cm (S3Phc m)
Star (Bahai)
4 cm (S3Pb)
Greek Cross
3 cm (R3Pc m)
Trinity Symbol
4 cm (T4Pt)
Unity Symbol
5.5 cm (S5Pul)
Unity Symbol
5.5 cm (S5Pu)