Trapezoid - Collection in Gold-in-Glass           this page is still under construction
Trapezoid necklace in white gold and gold (ZN6gsi) and stud earrings (Z2ESgsi)
TrapezoidCircle cuff bracelet, Q45A, 4,5 x 6 cm
adjustable silver cuff (12-14 g)
TrapezoidCircle necklace, single piece, earrings 3 cm, Q3EH
TrapezoidCircle pendant 2 cm, Q2P, pendants are also awailable in 1,5 cm (Q15P),
3 cm (Q3P) and 4,5 cm (Q45P)
Trapezoid bracelet in white gold and gold, Z3L0Agsi, on an adjustable stirling silver bracelet
TrapezoidCircle necklace QN3y
(3 parts in 3 cm) in silver, gold and white gold combined
TrapezoidCircle hanging earrings 2 cm, Q2EH or 1,5 cm, Q15EH
TrapezoidCircle pendant 3 cm, Q3PN on a fixed chain
also awailable in all sizes
TrapezoidCircle combined stud and hanging earrings
Q1ESsi, 1 cm and Q2EH, 2cm
TrapezoidCircle necklace QN2y
(3 parts in 2 cm) in silver, gold and white gold combined
TrapezoidCircle necklace QN3
3 parts (3 cm) in gold
TrapezoidCircle pendant 4 cm, Q4PN on a fixed chain
and 2 cm earrings (Q2EH)
TrapezoidCircle adjustable ring
2 cm, Q2R
also available in 1,5 cm, Q15R
TrapezoidCircle adjustable rings
1,5 and 2 cm, Q15R and Q2R
TrapezoidCircle pendant 3 cm
Q3Py, 3 parts (1,5 cm)
combined hanging earrings
S1EH 1,3 cm and Q3EH 3cm