T - Triangle Collection (round curve)
triangle pendant 2.5 cm, T25P
triangle pendant 2 cm, T2P
triangle pendant 3 cm, T3P
triangle pendant 4 cm, T4P
triangle pendant 5 cm, T5P
triangle pendant 6 cm, T6P
triangle pendant 8 cm, T8P
triangle adjustable rings
3, 2.5, 2 cm, S3R, S25R, S2R
triangle adjustable ring 3 cm, T3R
triangle cuff bracelet 6 cm, T6A
adjustable to every arm
Triangle pendants larger than 4 cm have 2 closures.
They can be worn pointing up or down.
Triangle Necklaces
triangle stud earrings 2.5 cm, T25ES or in 2 cm, T2ES
triangle stud earrings 3 cm, T3ES, also awailable as clips
triangle necklace TN3, 42 cm
triangles in 1.5, 2 and 3 cm
triangle hairclip, 10 x 4 cm